How Recruiters decide whose CV to choose?

Have you ever wondered how Recruiters decide which CV’s to take through to Interview stage? Is it as simple as and Yes, No and MAYBE? No – it’s not – before they review every CV they gather a set of selection criteria that may make the decision at the Yes, No, maybe stage...
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The Good, The Bad & The Ugly of Leadership

Over the last few weeks we have witnessed some wonderful examples of strong and considered leadership and conversely some very poor ones as well. The Black Caps’ captain Brendon McCallum exemplified all the qualities of great leadership. By leading from the front, taking bold...
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Designing Leadership Competency Models – Part 2

Last week I looked at what competencies are and explored what a Leadership Competency Model will bring to your business. See Last weeks blog here: This week I have a look at who has input into your competence model and how you decide on the top 12. Depending on the size of your...
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