Team effectiveness

A competitive edge starts with your people.

Team effectiveness is how well team members work together to achieve common goals. When team effectiveness is high, team members feel more empowered about their work, which improves their engagement and satisfaction. With experience working with kiwi businesses across a range of industries, our team is here to help you build and maintain a high-performing team.

A high-performing team is essential to the success of your business.

High-performing teams foster innovation, enhance productivity, and boost employee morale. In a competitive business landscape, investing in high-performing teams is not just advantageous; it is a strategic imperative for long-term growth and success.

However, team dynamics are complex, and it can be difficult to understand what is getting in the way of your team performing effectively. This is where we can step in to help.
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How we can help

Our People & Capability team will work with you to figure out how your team operates – what is making it succeed, or face challenges. We will then set up a personalised program to elevate and sustain your team's performance.

This could include:

Wellbeing workshops

Communication training

We recognise that teams differ across industries and sectors and that no two are the same. Whether your team operates seasonally or follows a different structure, we can tailor our approach to your specific needs. Our flexibility is evident in the options we provide - training sessions can be conducted at our facility or yours, and we can customise the training into manageable, bite-sized modules.

Meeting Facilitation

Meeting facilitation is the process of guiding and managing a meeting to ensure that it is conducted effectively and achieves its intended objectives.

Meeting facilitation can be especially valuable for strategic planning sessions, brainstorming meetings, team-building workshops, project kick-off meetings, and any gathering where effective communication and collaboration are essential.

Our facilitators are skilled in group dynamics, communication techniques, and conflict resolution, helping to ensure that your meetings are productive and that participants feel heard and valued.

From board level meetings to team level meetings, we add value by:

Setting clear objectives

Planning the agenda

Managing time

Maintaining focus

Encouraging participation

Managing conflicts

Offering decision-making support

Providing a neutral perspective

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Better people make a better world
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