Psychometric testing

Make better hiring decisions with psychometric testing

At Intepeople, we believe that the right insights can make all the difference when finding the perfect fit for your business.

Objective tools, such as psychometric testing, offer a chance to learn more about the natural tendencies and traits of your current and prospective employees to help you build a qualified, future-proofed workforce.

Why selection tools are important

Suitable for all candidate levels – the selection tools that Intepeople offer are suitable for entry level roles to management and executive level roles.

Gain valuable insights – these tools are designed to help you identify the most suitable candidates for your role and organisation by evaluating their skills, fit and potential.

Reduce the risk of bad hires – our assessments enable you to make objective and informed hiring decisions, increasing your hiring success and putting the right people into the right roles.

Ensure a complimentary fit – selection tools can help you assess candidates against others in your team, to ensure a complimentary fit and assist with development planning for the future.  

What we offer

To help you make the best hiring decisions, Intepeople offer a suite of candidate screening tools such as:
Psychometric / Personality Assessments –

The Perspectives Personality Questionnaire (PQ10) provides an insight into how people typically think, feel, and interact in ways that may be productive or counterproductive for your organisation.

General Reasoning Assessment – 

The General Cognitive Ability Test (GCAT) assesses how quickly a candidate can learn, how readily they can adapt, how easily they can understand, and how adeptly they can solve novel problems. It is well established that cognitive ability predicts occupational success and is an important ingredient of future potential.

Specific Skills Testing – 

We can test a candidate's functional and task specific skills in relation to the role you are recruiting for, such as their Microsoft Office skills, grammar, spelling, punctuation, and typing skills.

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