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An acronym you should remember when leading change

Guest Post from Suzi McAlpine of The Leader’s Digest, an award-winning leadership blog. I like acronyms. They’re handy. Where would we be without RSVP, ETA and FYI? And having to remember the colours of the rainbow in correct order is made easier by ROYGBIV. This is...
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Leadership Survey: What’s Keeping our Leaders Awake at Night?

Recently, I was fortunate enough to attend an evening hosted by by the Institute of Directors in Marlborough where Sheffield and their team of specialised consultants shared the outputs of their recent Leadership Survey. This year’s focus was on the ‘emerging’ leaders group...
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The Good, The Bad & The Ugly of Leadership

Over the last few weeks we have witnessed some wonderful examples of strong and considered leadership and conversely some very poor ones as well. The Black Caps’ captain Brendon McCallum exemplified all the qualities of great leadership. By leading from the front, taking bold...
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