Rod Drury at the launch of the new #Gigatownnsn office threw out the challenge to provincial regions like Nelson Tasman to showcase their unique point of difference to the world. Remaining relevant, connected, vibrant, energetic and motivated to stay ‘ahead of the curve’ in terms of economic sustainability for future generations.

Boasting the best weather, consistently high sunshine hours, fantastic lakes, bays, mountains, walking tracks, rivers and national parks, beautiful wine and food, NZ’s 4th busiest airport, a wonderful vibrant and efficient natural port, the home to many successful local, national and international businesses, central location, well performing educational institutions at every level, arguably the greatest workforce talent per capita than any other centre in NZ, home to the mighty Makos, Giants … is it little wonder that most people would die to live and work here?

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Over the last few decades we have seen an unfortunate drift of business to Auckland. Illogical and self serving decisions, often made by the Boards of offshore companies to relocate Head Offices to Auckland compounded with a lack of strategic insight from a disjointed council and huge population growth has progressively placed increased pressure on infrastructure and housing. It is near breaking point and the rest of the country is bearing the cost of this in more ways than one. If you are in business why on earth would you want to locate your business in the hardest place to work in NZ, the highest cost of labour, the most difficult place to source talent and the area that has the highest rental and building/construction overheads? And if you are in the age bracket of between 25- 35 and thinking about having kids, buying your first home and facing a mortgage of 800-900k plus just to get a half decent house wouldn't you be reassessing your options about where you want to work and live?

In an increasingly digitally connected world, where businesses are physically located is becoming less relevant. Accessibility to markets and interactions with customers is facilitated in a far different way now than previously. Innovation, talent leveraging and building enduring relationships with customers is far more important in most cases. The capability, composition and culture of your staff are crucial to building a compelling value proposition to your customers.


Having a work environment which allows employees to be the best they can be, reach the edge of their potential, encourages new, strategic and revolutionary thinking, allows an easy transition and integration between work and home …, given this, and the attributes our region offers why would you not considering moving your business to Nelson? Time for courageous forward thinking companies to swim against the tide of the ‘Me Too’ brigade!!

Check out a successful Nelson based entrepreneur who has just done this HERE.

In his words here are all the reasons why you would do so.

  • Staff retention, low turnover and access to a great talent pool
  • Lower overheads
  • Travel no bother - to and from work and to other centres
  • Work/Life Balance is a reality not just a fantasy
  • Housing prices are cheaper


And if we can add:

  • Great space to innovate and think differently
  • Stunning scenery
  • A vibrant arts and culture society
  • Great place to bring up kids and give them a rounded life with access to many arts, culture and sporting experiences without spending your life in the car transporting them to and from
  • Whip home to check on a sick child or be at a BBQ within 10 minutes of leaving the workplace
  • Cycle ways to die for; coffee as good as anywhere and gorgeous beaches


So Why not Nelson? It’s our time!!

Let’s create some options for our talented kids to have an opportunity to live in a place they love by creating meaningful and challenging careers and work opportunities.
If the incentives are right to induce great businesses to move here and the community is united behind it I have no doubt it would be an absolute game changer to our region if were successful in doing this.

by Paul Bell

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Better people make a better world
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