How Recruiters decide whose CV to choose?


Have you ever wondered how Recruiters decide which CV’s to take through to Interview stage?

Is it as simple as and Yes, No and MAYBE?

CV Selection
No – it’s not - before they review every CV they gather a set of selection criteria that may make the decision at the Yes, No, maybe stage that much easier– this may include:

  • Experience Required
  • Education Required
  • Skill levels
  • Competencies


Recruiters will already have sat down and talked with the hiring Manager and got a whole lot of back ground information about the vacancy and what type of skills and experience are needed.

The other big piece of the puzzle is called organisational fit – this means that the recruiter is often looking for someone with similar values and attitude that will fit in the current team.

When screening CV’s the organisational fit is looked for by seeing where you have worked in the past and who you have worked for.

Your education levels can show recruiters your ability and passion for learning.

Selection is also helped by having the following:

  • NO spelling mistakes
  • A CV that is easy to read
  • A CV that makes sense


All these factors and many more go through a recruiters head as they filter the pile of CV’s and yes it can be quite a subjective process at times. Some recruiters are better than others at seeing in between the lines and are more open to going outside the square with putting applicants through.

CV Selection

If you really feel passionately about a job then make sure you ring the recruiter to ensure they have your CV and have had a look at it. They should then be able to give you some feedback on why you are going through or not.

by Emma Worseldine

Whakatū | Nelson

Te Whanganui-a-Tara | Wellington

Ōtautahi | Christchurch

Waiharakeke | Blenheim

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