Ever wondered if HR in Australia is different from here?


Emma, one of our Senior Consultants is currently over there on sabbatical. As our foreign correspondent on the other side of the Tasman – she has the following observations…

There is a lot of talk about the GFC (Global Financial Crisis) and how it has impacted businesses and how many people are still being made redundant. Just this year I have seen big companies, BP and Optus to name a few, shake off up to a quarter of their staff. Needless to say 'change management' jobs – are a plenty…


Interestingly in contrast to the above - talent management and succession planning are two key areas of HR being used by larger companies  in Australia and something of a recent focus at a breakfast seminar at Intepeople in NZ. Firms are keen to retain their good staff and want to manage careers in a way that best serves the company.

Salaries are higher but you pay more tax and the simple things here cost you more – public transport, parking, car ownership etc. Sydney truly is the most expensive city in the world.

When I look at recruitment over here in Australia I am reminded of Greg Savage’s words – “Recruitment will become a specialist sourcing area relying on fantastic networks and greater understanding of business requirements”.
Aussies are further down this track than we are. HR Ads in SEEK are constantly looking for search specialists.


Recruitment companies are renaming themselves as search experts, they review key talent in linkedin and other relevant industry websites using hi-tech word search software. Recruiters own specialist websites are everything when it comes to posting jobs.  In-house competency based recruiters are also in high demand.

Specialist search firms or staff are becoming more prevalent in NZ too - just watch this space!


by Emma Worseldine

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Better people make a better world
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