Employment law changes - awaiting the final outcome...


We await the final outcome of employment law changes from the Coalition Government. The Coalition partner NZ First seemingly remain unconvinced on some of the proposals....

90 Day Trial Period

They have already flexed their muscle on the 90 day trial period proposal. The Government faces a backlash from employers who argue that these proposals represent a ‘back to the future’ regulated framework.

It is argued these proposed changes are out of step with emerging global trends around the ‘future of work’. This is largely borne out of the effects of rapid and transformational changes in technology which will see fundamental changes in how, where, and when our future generations will chose to ‘work’.

Fair Pay Agreements

Fair Pay agreements look remarkably like a return to pre-2000 occupational award system which cynics suggest were hardly successful in producing a high wage economy and were unconducive to greater flexibility in work practices of the like introduced by Perpetual Guardian's 4 day working week recently.

Pay Equity Bill

The Pay Equity Bill remains a work in progress. Few that would argue that jobs in one company or industry must pay the same - regardless of gender - if the skills, qualification and expertise is similar. Greater complexity lies in the principle of  ‘comparable worth’ principle which this Bill promotes. It purports a comparison of jobs in different industries where there is a predominance of ‘gender over representation’ and by implication some sort mandated transition to higher wage levels accordingly.

Watch this space and the ‘Winston’ effect on all of this …we are sure, and would support, much more healthy debate of what constitutes ‘comparability’, relative value of work, similarity of skills  qualification and experience and industry/employer affordability.

We recognise there is a lot to digest and have highlighted the key pieces of information relating to each legislation that all employers need to be aware of in this blog. Not all employment law changes will be relevant to you, therefore we are here to provide 1-1 professional advice and support to ensure your employment agreements, practices and policies are compliant.

Written by Paul Bell, Managing Director

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