Does Recruitment Technology Help or Hinder your Processes?


Last week in our a blog “Are we becoming antiquated” we discussed the need to balance your HR and recruitment technology so that the solutions are accessible to all and easy to use while ensuring that you don’t put off new people applying if your application process is cumbersome and time-consuming.
If you choose to implement an online recruitment system there are a range of different providers that can provide you with tailor made solutions dependent on the needs of your organisation. However before implementing an online candidate experience it is important to consider your target audience and ensure that the processes and the technology you put in place don’t damage your employment brand or unnecessarily complicate the process and put candidates off applying.



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If your organisation is large enough to enjoy the benefits from an online recruitment system or whether you only recruit every now and again and have a paper based system there are still some useful common ground in regards to what recruitment processes you will put in place.
To ensure that you protect your employment brand and reputation, you need to consider what candidates will require during the recruitment process:

Access to a Job Description

  • Ensure that you have an up to date Job Description which clearly defines the role competencies and skills and qualifications required
  • Candidates will then have the opportunity to consider whether they have a good fit for the role before applying and therefore ensuring less time wasting for the employer and the candidate.


Easy to Use Application Process

  • Ensure this is not cumbersome or time consuming and that all candidates have access to it
  • This needs to be balanced with the candidate providing you with enough information to support your short listing process to find the most suitable candidate


Regular Communication with Candidates

  • Every application should be acknowledged so they know that their application has been received, if you have an online system this can be automated but alternatively a text, email or letter can be used
  • Ensure that you keep candidates informed at all stages of the process
  • There is nothing worse than sending off an application and never hearing anything ever again!!


Robust Selection Processes

  • Ensure that you follow an objective selection process to assist you in identifying the most suitable candidates for your short list and enable you to be clear about why you haven’t shortlisted other candidates so that you can give feedback if required
  • You will need to get your candidates permission to undertake any pre-employment checks or testing


With strong employment growth expected over the 2014 – 2016 period , it may be time for you to consider whether putting in place recruitment technology for greater efficiencies will help or hinder your organisation in recruiting for the candidates who best fit your needs. Or if you currently have an online recruitment system maybe it is time to review it from a candidates perspective.

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