Perception versus Reality


You are either sick of hearing about it or you have had enough arguing about what colour is the dress? Not since Monica Lewinsky’s infamous blue dress has a dress had this much publicity!

At least we could see it was indeed blue!!

blue dress

It is quite a strange state of affairs to have a person right next to you seeing something completely different than what you can see with a total belief that you are wrong.  I started off seeing black and gold but like any good illusion, I can now focus my eyes and convince my  brain to see the blue and black as well, however my work mates and family are completely divided on this with many seeing gold and white.

gold and white dress

There is a scienfitic reason as to why we see different colours, but a simple explanation is that this is all about our perception of reality.

This is very timely reminder that people’s realities can differ greatly even when provided with the same message.

We all have different genetics, backgrounds, education, experiences, emotional and intellectual intelligence which all work together in how we process information and messages. We need to factor these differences in to our communication style to ensure the correct message is being heard. This is particularly critical as a manager when managing a team.

If you think, this is an isolated difference of ‘perception versus reality’ then you may want to test your eyes on a few of these other optical illusions ….

Batman costume

by Nicky Dowling



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Better people make a better world
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