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Temping for Intepeople in Nelson & Blenheim

If you're looking for more flexibility, stepping back into the workforce, or wanting to fill time between permanent roles - temping could be the perfect option for you.

Here, Intepeople Temps Partner Rosie shares some of the many benefits to temping.

1.  Flexibility

Are you looking for work/life balance? Maybe you like the thought of working for a few months at a time, then taking a bit of extra time off between jobs? If that kind of flexibility sounds appealing, temping can be a great choice.

2.  Exposure to different industries and companies

You might be ready for a new challenge but aren't looking to completely change careers.  Temping provides an opportunity to work in various industries and learn about different companies in the area. You can 'try before you buy,' so to speak!

Many of our temps enjoy the variety that comes with working across different industries and with various companies.

"Rosie found me a temp position straight away, working in the Human Resources Department for one of Nelson’s leading employers. This role, along with my other temp placements, provided me with invaluable experience in my field across various industries."

Julia, Intepeople Temp

3.  Meet new people

Just as temping can provide an opportunity to work in a range of industries and companies, it offers endless opportunities to meet new people. If you're a people-person and thrive on building new relationships,  you'll no doubt enjoy temping.

You never know who you are going to meet and what you might be able to learn from them. These relationships could transform into professional opportunities, or you might make some lifelong friends.

4.  Develop skills and gain experience

While, for the most part, clients need someone who can hit the ground running, they are realistic that a temp may not be versed in all areas of a role. Often there is scope to learn something new in each role.

“Temping with Intepeople has been a great way to broaden my administrative skill-base. I’ve had interesting assignments across a range of workplaces and Rosie and the team always provide great support.”

Rochelle, Intepeople Temp

5. Exposure to different types of management styles and clients

Every client is different. Temping can expose candidates to a variety of organisations. With this comes the experience of differing organisational cultures, management styles and work environments.

6.  Provides an income while you search for permanent work

Finding the 'perfect' job can sometimes be a matter of being in the right place at the right time, and temping is an excellent option to use and grow your skills while you look for a permanent role.

Here at Intepeople, our Temp & Talent Partners work closely together. Candidates can still be very much in the mix for permanent roles while enjoying the benefits of temporary employment.

"I arrived in NZ at the beginning of October 2017. As soon as I could, I registered with Intepeople as a temp and for any permanent positions. I did the skills test which I was very nervous about, but your wonderful staff put me at ease.  I'd been in my previous job for over 20 years, so I found it very daunting to be back on the market looking for a job again. I was most grateful for your input in getting my CV up to date."
Anne, Intepeople Temp

7.  Not a long-term commitment

Temp work is exactly that - temporary! If you’re not sure what your next career move will be, temping can be a good way to fill the gap and ensure you have an income, while you make a decision about what's next.

8.  Can result in a permanent role!

We are nearly always looking for more temps because often our superstars end up being offered a permanent role.

"After temping for two months through Intepeople, I was offered permanent employment. I am so happy and will recommend Intepeople to anyone who wants to find a good temp or permanent job."

Delicia, Intepeople Temp

Intepeople provide temporary staff across a broad range of sectors and industries across Aotearoa. We’re often looking out for more talented temps to add to our Talent Bank.

To be successful as a temp you’ll have previous experience, be able to hit the ground running, pick things up quickly, and work well with others.

Sound like a good fit for you? Register today to join our Talent Bank and one of our Temp Partners will be in touch.

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