A Shining Light


This is our final blog for 2012 and we'll be back in 2013. Thank you for reading and commenting on our blogs this year, we appreciate your support. We take this opportunity to wish you a very Merry Christmas and all the best for 2013.

The following Christmas themed poem was written by Susan Hadfield. We hope you enjoy it.

On a warm and balmy Christmas Eve, somewhere in NZ
Nine Reindeer struggled through the sky, dragging Santa and his sled.
This year Santa enjoyed too much pud, and put on many stone
His waist expanded rapidly – his suit had been outgrown.

The Reindeer were dragging twice the weight, no provisions had been made
No extra hooves, no extra time, the Reindeer were dismayed!
Mutterings amongst the staff, Rudolph at the lead
“Santa doesn’t understand – we can’t achieve full speed!”
Dasher (having pulled a muscle, in his lower glute),
Nodded in agreement, “I refuse to drag this brute!”

Next thing you know the Reindeer stopped, and pulled the sled up short,
Amid much snorting and stamping hooves, they threatened poor Santa with court!
Now Santa was doing his very best, and loved his Reindeer dearly,
He couldn’t afford the extra staff – but wished to treat them fairly!



Disorder and dissention! It made poor Santa shiver!
It was nearly 3am with many gifts still to deliver!
What was Santa meant to do, with no one on his side?
He felt Christmas slipping away, the children would be denied.

But wait! In the east, a glimmer of hope, a shining light was seen
A glowing blue “FB” sign, what could it possibly mean?
Santa coaxed the reindeer down, with promises of cookies
And sure enough they followed him, like money hungry bookies.

And boy! Was Santa ever pleased he’d seen that shining light
For within the walls, he found the solution to his staffing woes that night.
The FB team had them sorted, and soon they were back on their way
To deliver the gifts and make children happy – in time for Christmas Day!

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