2020 vision for your organisation - do you have clarity?


How’s your 2020 vision for your organisation? Do you have clarity of purpose? Can you see what the future holds?

From a sight perspective 2020 vision is about visual acuity.  Visual acuity is determined by the sharpness, clearness and focus of a person’s vision.

So maybe for businesses 2020 is the year of acuity - about the sharpness and focus of your organisation's vision?

Vision ➡ Purpose

One of the basic building blocks of any business is to be able to articulate your vision. It’s your sense of future state, what you hope to become. It sets the scene in determining and communicating the purpose of your business to your team.

This then provides the motivation and inspiration for your team to achieve that purpose.

Vision statements give direction for employee behaviour and help provide inspiration. A vision statement is a view into the future with hope and a positive outlook. It describes a company's inspirational, long-term plan for what they'll be able to accomplish, who they will help, and how the company will then be perceived. It's often out of reach for now, but not so far out of reach as to be unattainable. The vision statement gives everyone a description of what they're working towards, they will often be aspirational.

Vision + Values = Culture

If your business vision is then combined with strong company values that your team are aligned behind then you have the beginnings of a really good culture. Vision and values together create alignment and purpose, and everyone needs a sense of purpose (proven by many scientific studies).

Maybe your aim for 2020 is to review or create a vision along with some values that inspire, motivate, and drive the right day-to-day behaviours in your team. This will not only drive engagement but also assist in talent retention.

Are your team living the values of your organisation? Do they align with your 2020 vision?

What’s your 2020 vision for your organisation looking like? Is it time to refresh, re-plot?

Written by Julie Baxendine, General Manager

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Better people make a better world
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