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Intepeople HR Partners Melisa Kappely and Marianne Wilkinson completed an intensive training programme in the USA with the Association of Workplace Investigators (AWI) late last year.

With this achievement they join a small number of New Zealand HR Professionals and Lawyers as AWI Certificate Holders.

At the Austin Training Institute in Texas, Marianne and Melisa each passed three individual assessments, demonstrating their specialised knowledge and skills to successfully perform impartial workplace investigations. The four-day training covered 12 modules, with education sessions ranging from strategies to avoid bias, establishing rapport with witnesses, effective interview techniques and mock investigation sessions where their skills were evaluated by recognised experts in the field.

The Association of Workplace Investigators' robust and tested set of guiding principles for workplace investigations are recognised worldwide.

With reported cases of workplace issues including bullying and sexual harassment rising, there is increasing demand for trained workplace investigators. Choosing an external agency to complete a workplace investigation ensures an impartial, unbiased and fair investigative process.

Marianne and Melisa’s advanced achievements establish them amongst the leading workplace investigators in New Zealand. We are very proud of their achievement!

Can Intepeople support your business with a workplace investigation? 

Contact us for more information about Intepeople’s approach to workplace investigations.

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