Walking the Talk


Ever hear of the saying, They talk the talk but cannot walk the talk?”

Boy is that true in terms of what I see in HR professionals.

I have been reading a number of articles on all sorts of different HR systems and processes you need to consider when making the most of your People Assets. For example:

• Getting better training results
• Leadership - where do you begin?
• Maximising your EVP (Employee Value Proposition)
• Understanding your critical risks

Every man and his dog has a different version of what your organisation needs from an HR perspective.

And it's true you do need to be mindful of what is available and relevant to your business.



And that is the KEY. People initiatives must be aligned to your UNIQUE business strategy for growth.

No use having staff if you are not making money.

So I take my hat off to all those HR professionals that have dug deep into the research of it all  sure choose the elements that are relevant to your organisation.  But if your HR spend is not going to add any value to your bottom line then don't waste the money.

The sign of a true HR professional -  that can walk the talk - is one that can link your staff to your growth strategy.

by Emma Worseldine

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Better people make a better world
Better people make a better world
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