The nuances of following a proper process…


There seems to be an upswing in employment court rulings making the press at the moment.

They serve as a reminder to us in the HR field to work with not only CEO’s, Senior Managers and Supervisors but also Board members when it comes to difficult issues.

The following link takes you through to an interesting case with a costly outcome.[cwp_gallery title="GALLERY_TITLE" width="GALLERY_WIDTH" height="IMAGE_HEIGHT" galid="1" ]

Often there is more to a situation other than not following a thorough consultative process.


Experienced ER professionals are able to pick this up as the investigative process unfolds. They are there to provide expert legislative advice, with the experience and ability to outline possible scenarios throughout the whole process.

But more importantly they are there from the beginning to plan for the best possible outcome for the company.

And while you may have to pay some money to the employee - you may get away with paying less than in court awards and legal fees.

$20 cash

Do you have any examples when you have been able to save your company money through an investigative process? Share them with us and your other HR colleagues here as a comment.

by Emma Worseldine

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Better people make a better world
Better people make a better world
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