Technology - the perfect tool?


Just about everyone would agree that Generation Y is the ‘me’ generation – they want what they want – and they want it now!

They have grown up in an age of technology; cell phones, answering machines, computers, internet…the list goes on. But are Generation Y really the only ones guilty of wanting instant gratification? I don’t think so – just about everyone these days has access to a cellphone and internet – from 5 year olds to 95 year olds! The speed with which we can communicate is staggering – we need not delay doing anything anymore. We can buy our groceries without leaving the house, order dinner while driving home, close a business deal while working out at the gym and…fire people via text?

Some of you may be aware of a recent news article in which an employee was dismissed with just a few quick texts. Easy right? No need for that awkward face to face conversation, no fear of a disgruntled employee putting you on the spot and making you justify your decision!Nope, just a tap out a quick message on your iPhone, hear the satisfying whoosh of the message being sent, and you can forget about it forever. Right?

Not right.


Assuming the information in the newspaper article was correct, it would seem that the availability of communication literally at their finger tips proved too tempting for this employer, and resulted in a long, protracted and ultimately expensive outcome. Over $6000 later, I’m sure they are regretting this impulsive decision.

Technology certainly has an important place in our day to day lives, but it should never be a substitute for real world interactions. Sometimes we just need to slow down and consider the potential consequences of our actions. Along the way, we might even improve our communication style and build more meaningful relationships.

by Susan Hadfield

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Better people make a better world
Better people make a better world
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