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When an employer has allegations of behaviour such as bullying, harassment or discrimination, a workplace investigation may be required. Workplace Investigators can also conduct inquiries in situations where facts need to be established, such as allegations of serious misconduct. Another option that can be less disruptive to the workplace is a culture survey. This is an option we can discuss with you. Edite

What is the process for a workplace investigation?

Our investigation process begins with a high-level briefing, where we determine the scope of the investigation and agree on the process and timetable. Confidentiality and natural justice are key considerations.

Our role as the investigator is to obtain and determine all of the facts, which depending on the issue at hand, may include face to face interviews, review of documentation and policies and any other evidence that may support a finding. Where witness statements conflict with each other, we also need to make credibility findings.

The investigation concludes with a confidential investigative report, including our findings, observations and facts. We will supply recommendations if that is part of the scope agreed. We are not usually involved in any subsequent process, such as a disciplinary meeting.

Workplace Investigations at Intepeople
Melisa and Marianne at Intepeople

Why choose Intepeople to conduct your workplace investigation?

Choosing an external agency to complete a workplace investigation ensures an impartial, unbiased and legally robust process. It is important that the external agency you select to perform a workplace investigation has specialist skills in this area.

Intepeople holds a Company License for Private Investigations, issued by New Zealand’s Private Security Personnel Licensing Authority (PSPLA). The authority works to ensure that all people working in the security industry, including Private Investigators, are competent in their skills.

Intepeople’s HR Partners Melisa Kappely and Marianne Wilkinson are Association of Workplace Investigators (AWI) Certificate Holders and PSPLA licensed Private Investigators, placing them amongst the most qualified Workplace Investigators in New Zealand.

The AWI is a professional association committed to enhancing the quality of impartial workplace investigations. Their robust and tested set of guiding principles for workplace investigations are recognised worldwide.

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