Leadership Competency Models – Part 1


Recently one of my clients started the process of designing and implementing a leadership competency model.

This would be the second leadership model I have designed and with the original designed a few years ago I decided to see what was happening out there in the world of competency models.

A basic google search found over 4 million results – its amazing how prolific leadership competencies are now used in the business world.

It became quite apparent from the research that the key to the success of your model is to ensure you have the correct leadership competencies to drive your businesses strategic direction – i.e. deliver your strategic plan.

I would like to explore some of my other findings over the next couple of blogs…

Before we get into that lets define what competence actually is -

Competence is defined as - The state or quality of being adequately or well qualified or having a specific range of skill, knowledge, or ability.

Let’s look at some classic leadership examples:

• Decision Making – identifying and understanding issues, problems and opportunities, choosing effective approaches of action using facts, constraints and realizing possible consequences • Self – Awareness – Understanding own strengths and development needs and how they impact on others • Managing Performance – Planning and supporting direct reports individual needs to enable them to do their current role to their best ability.


A Leadership Competency Model will:

• Help us address behaviours that we see in the company that we may want to change. It allows us as managers to relate issues to an independent set of behaviours that your company may require. For example putting customers first, supporting the company, inspiring action

• Provide pathways for learning and development. Training needs will be linked to competencies and programmes found to fill competency needs.

• Provide competencies that can be used in your selection processes.

• Provide the base for your leadership 360 feedback practices.

• But most importantly the competencies will outline leadership behaviours desired to take the company forward

So stay tuned for more on leadership competencies next week.

And if you have any thoughts on leadership competency models and how you use them feel free to share them with us and our followers.



by Emma Worseldine

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Better people make a better world
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