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Tips and Resources for Job Seekers

Thinking about applying for a new job, but need some help crafting the perfect CV? Or perhaps you’re looking for some advice on how to ace a job interview? In these resources for job seekers, our recruitment team share their best tips and tricks to help you land your dream job.


Job Seeker Guide: Tips for Writing your CV

Intepeople resources for job seekers CV Tips
Crafting a well-written and professional CV is one of the most important things that you can do when you are looking to secure your dream job. To help you craft a CV that makes you stand out and get your foot in the door we’ve collated a quick “do’s and don’ts” for CVs.

Job Seeker Guide: Preparing for a Job Interview

Intepeople Resources for Job Seekers - Interview Tips
You’ve just had the call – you’ve made the cut and been asked to come in to interview for your dream job. Not only will carefully preparing for your job interview make the whole experience easier, it will increase your chances of getting your dream job. Here’s our tips for preparing for a job interview.