How Good is Your H&S Management Plan?



Health & Safety isn't exactly a topic that people are normally excited about! So often we see companies who think they have H&S processes in place, or don’t need to worry about that ‘rubbish’. They are of the “if it’s bigger than you, get out of its way” school of thought.

Unfortunately this can’t be the case any more.

To protect your employees and your company, you need a robust H&S Management System.

This covers the processes to follow should an accident, or just as importantly, a Safety Incident occur. Safety Incidents (some people call them near misses) should be reported to enable remedial action to be taken to prevent possible injury in the future. This is where most companies fall over – staff don’t see the “Hell!.. that was close….” situation as being important to report.


But that precariously stacked box, which almost landed on your toe today, could be the box which causes a serious head injury to your not so fortunate colleague tomorrow.

Once a Health and Safety Management System has been developed and implemented, companies are then eligible to apply for accreditation through ACC’s Workplace Safety Management Practices (WSMP) programme. The process isn't too scary – it usually involves an auditor checking the H&S Management System currently in place, and rating your performance according to three levels. If you meet the required standards, you’ll be eligible for a substantial discount to your ACC levies! The levels and discounts range from Primary (10%), Secondary (15%) and Tertiary (20%). There are no fixed rules regarding who can apply, however, this programme is more suited to larger businesses that have:

  • An annual payroll over $450,000
  • more than 10 full-time employees


Alternatively there is an ACC Safety Discounts Programme available to smaller business or self-employed people. Successful organisations could receive a 10% discount on ACC levies.

Think of your workplace and employees as an extension of your family – you need to put safety measures in place to protect them! You wouldn't let your children sleep in a house without working smoke detectors, or drive around in a car that doesn't have a warrant of fitness…would you?

by Kay Bradley

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Better people make a better world
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