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Stuff had a great article last weekend that relates to an issue that we in the HR world deal will every week.

In short employers are getting overwhelmed with  applicants for roles with very few actually having the basic skills to do the job. Once on board the staff don't turn up, they get sick, turn up drunk, they leave without notice and take all their new work gear with them.
It appears that life skills like communication and the ability to understand basic commands and get on with people are missing from a sizeable chunk of society today.
This all adds to the workloads of employers and the staff that have to manage this.
So just when you thought you had better choice of candidates as the unemployment rate increases you actually have an administrative nightmare from hiring right through to firing.
How does FB help our clients deal with all this? We:

  • Outline simply and communicate to candidates what the job has to deliver from the beginning
  • Communicate to candidates the skill set needed to be successful in that job - use behavioural based interview questions to ensure you get the right answers (not just a fob off)
  • Run an  incredibly ruthless process in the screening and selection stage - e.g. pre-employment drug test in safety sensitive roles (also culls out the alcoholics and druggies)
  • Deploy an intensive candidate referee check process ( which is a specialised skill that only experience brings and that most employers who do it themselves do not have)
  • Ensure where appropriate that our clients have the 90 day trial period in all employment agreements
  • Bring deep knowledge and experience to the performance management space to ensure the investment made in the hiring space is delivered on the job!

Recruitment and selection is a time consuming process.

We are constantly asked to help clients to take away the hassle of it all - especially the administrative side of dealing with hundreds of applicants. We can cut the cake a number of ways to help our clients to do this.

And a reminder to watch this space!! FB is preparing not only to move offices but also reinvent ourselves in terms of a new brand and new full HR service offering.

Keep an eye on our Facebook page, the new building in Buxton Square in Nelson and in  Hereford St Christchurch - it's about to be a whole new way of looking at People !!!

by Emma Worseldine

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Better people make a better world
Better people make a better world
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