Gen Z, Gen What?- Negotiating Generational Differences in the Workplace

  • If you have something important to tell someone -do you call them on the phone or are you happy to flick them a text?
  • Do you firmly believe that there should be a direct link between time spent in a role and seniority or the level of responsibility?
  • Are you so reliant on your phone that you start to hyperventilate if you misplace it?

$ generations in the workforce

Your answer to some of these questions might have something to do with the generation you have come from and how we negotiate the generational differences is becoming an increasing hot topic of discussion.
So what is all the fuss is about?

Individuals with different values, different ideas, different ways of getting things done and different ways of communicating in the workplace have always existed but the differences between the generations are becoming more pronounced than ever before.

As employees stay working longer the likelihood of having four different generations in your organisation is increasing.

Generations talking

Arghhh what does this mean for organisations???  -It is my firm belief that this diversity in the workplace is a good thing.

Good business is based on understanding others. Being aware of these differences can help individuals tailor their message for maximum effect, regardless of the task, or the relationship with family, friends, or workplace peers.

The majority of us think the correct way, and the only way, is our way.  - In business, as well as in personal life, that is just not true.

To work effectively and efficiently, to increase productivity and quality, one needs to understand differences and characteristics and learn how to use them effectively in dealing with each individual.

So as a starting point lets all try to understand and embrace generational differences and see if it can add some value in our organisation!!

By Emily  Coe

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Better people make a better world
Better people make a better world
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