Employees Rating Employers – A wake up call for Employers? Or not?


Did any of you notice this interesting article in the Business pages of Stuff last week?

Employees rating Employers Article

It essentially outlines how there are now websites like Trip Advisor that you can go to and rate your workplace – usually out of 5.
The site the articles uses as an example is

As a seasoned HR professional I had to go and check it out and see how it could affect the EVP (Employer Value Proposition) of a company – i.e. the impact this could have on how attractive are you to work for.

Glassdoor calls itself a career community website that features areas such as: Jobs, Salaries, Interview Questions, a place to rate employers and quite a large employers section where employers can place job ads and get free advice on some career type issues.

Be aware that there are already a number of New Zealand based companies on there – usually bigger one e.g. Banks, Insurance. Interestingly as part of your login you are asked to rate where you currently work so it won’t be long till there are a number of NZ employers on there. Glass door has over 30 million users…

So what does this mean for Employers today? I see pros and cons

• If you have a really great place to work you will get free advertising and endorsements
• Negative feedback is always a chance to take a step back and ask yourself some hard questions about how it really is working at your place
• You get free feedback on areas you may need to improve on
• It’s a relatively controlled environment where there is not a lot of space for employees to rant about really bad experiences
• It will encourage employers to ensure their recruitment processes are robust and transparent that they provide a high standard of customer service to their candidates

• The feedback you may receive is out of your control and there is no opportunity to respond to this
• Employers will really have to live up to their promises
• You may struggle to attract the kind of staff you really want
• You have to rely on perceptions from people who may be very one sided in their views
I do believe this type of rating system is a bit of a wakeup call for Employers. They need to be aware and ready to deal with the impact of these websites on their employment brand.
The changing face of available workforce shows us that the younger Generations are consistently relying on endorsements when it comes to making decisions.
Good feedback could add strength to your employment brand but criticism may have the opposite effect.

Do you have any thoughts on how these rating sites may impact at your workplace?

by Emma Worseldine

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