Designing Leadership Competency Models – Part 2


Last week I looked at what competencies are and explored what a Leadership Competency Model will bring to your business.

competency definition

See Last weeks blog here:

This week I have a look at who has input into your competence model and how you decide on the top 12.

Depending on the size of your company it is important to get as much information from staff and managers as to what competencies (or skills and characteristics) they think make up an effective leader.

If you are wise enough to have run a staff satisfaction survey within your organisation then you may already know some of the issues staff see within your leadership team/s.

You can challenge your existing leaders to bring competency suggestions to the table.

Take time to review existing people issues – what competencies were needed to handle that issue, what potential competencies could have handled it better.

Brainstorm all possible competencies – get a nice long list if you can.

Once you have that list it becomes time to decide which ones are the top 12.

This should be based on:

• The culture you want in your organisation – leaders model the way
• Your strategic direction – skill up leaders to deliver your plan
• The behaviours you want your leaders to display – hire and fire on them
• Are they linked to your vision?
• Are they linked to your values?
• You may wish to scale and rank them e.g. 1 -4 individually then as a group

And who should undertake this exercise? – your Executive team. It makes a great team building session or provides good material for an away day exercise.


core competencies

Once you get your final draft you may want to run it past some trusted advisors or get the Board to review and provide feedback.

The continuing story - next week I look at how you get the best out of your leadership competency model – buy in and acceptance.


By Emma Worseldine

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