Better people make a better world?


That’s what we believe at Intepeople – we exist to help people be the best they can possibly be because better people make a better world. This starts with helping businesses recruit the best possible people for every position.  But this presents recruiters with two challenges.

Firstly, candidates. We work hard to source and attract the best people both for our candidate Talent Bank and for our clients. This means investing lots of time seeking out and meeting with all sorts of people, assessing their skills and drilling down into their experience and abilities to find out if they will be the best fit not just for the vacancy but also with the culture of the organisation. Lots of this work goes unseen. As recruiters we often get criticised for our candidate care and follow up; managing candidate expectations is always difficult at the best of times but in a depressed job market it’s even tougher.

Secondly , clients. Every assignment is a juggling act to match up candidate skills and experience with required competencies and experience.  Just as important is making sure that the person is going to enjoy the environment and that the rest of the people are going to enjoy having them on their team.


It’s a bit like being a professional match maker. Sometimes the perfect match is right at our finger tips because we’re able to draw on the investment we’ve made in getting to know people in the region over many years. However most times it’s not that simple and we have to get creative, exploring new and different ways to find that elusive fabulous person who will be a real standout. We spend hours talking to people, networking, searching, interviewing and assessing available talent.

Fortunately as recruiters that’s what we love to do and out of that process we find talented people work and we find clients the best people for their role. Which we think is a great thing to do. It changes people’s lives and helps them realise their career ambitions, solves clients sourcing issues and helps businesses not only survive in these tough economic times but thrive.

Jessica Rolinson

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Better people make a better world
Better people make a better world
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