Workplace Wellbeing

Introducing Best of Today – an 8-Week Wellness Programme to help make the workplace a happier place.

Best of Today | Workplace WellnessIt has been a privilege to support and partner with our Executive Coach Anna Gibbons, to launch Best of Today – an offline, tangible workplace wellbeing programme.

Best of Today offers a unique “offline” approach to enhance wellbeing in the workplace. The programme is delivered to workplaces through physical resource packs of tools, techniques and gifts, designed to strengthen positive neural pathways. The focus is on increasing and prioritising holistic wellbeing through offline activities that promote connection and kotahitanga (togetherness).

It takes eight weeks to create a new habit, and even small positive habits can lead to long-lasting improvement. Designed with this in mind, Best of Today runs for eight weeks, providing opportunities each week for improved wellbeing.

For more information visit the Best of Today website, or contact Anna on 021 547 563 or