Hiring Temps: What You Need to Know


Whether it's to fill a short-term gap, hold the fort or extend capacity when you need it, most businesses can benefit from hiring temporary staff for a number of different reasons.

But how do you go about finding the right temporary staff, and how does the process work?

When to consider hiring temporary staff

  • During seasonal and high demand periods
  • To cover annual leave
  • To cover parental leave
  • When you require specialist skills to cover specific projects
  • To bring fresh eyes to your workplace


Beyond filling a 'gap' there are so many benefits to hiring temporary staff. They offer flexibility, can usually start very quickly (sometimes immediately!), and if you find the right person that you really want to hold on to - there may be an option to offer a permanent role.

"We regularly use Intepeople temps when our people are on extended leave, have moved to another role within the Council or we’ve got a vacancy and need some help until the new person arrives. They’re professional, friendly, highly skilled, helpful, flexible and keen to do a great job.

"We’ve actually ended up permanently employing quite a few over the years which says everything about their quality and qualities."

Joanna Cranness - HR Manager, Tasman District Council

How can Intepeople help me find temporary staff?

As one of the South Island’s biggest employers providing the best temporary staff across a wide variety of industries, we make it easy for you - the employer.

Our talent bank is packed with skilled, on-call temporary staff.  All of our temps are fully screened and have successfully completed our recruitment process.

For all candidates considered for placement we undertake:

  • Computer skills-based testing
  • Reference checking and MOJ check
  • Completed declarations from candidates  regarding their health status, criminal convictions and residency status


How does it work?

After finding out what you are looking for we supply you with the best quality temp available within your time frames.

To make it really simple, we pay the temp for the hours they work and send you a single weekly invoice. This means you don’t need to worry about payroll, leave, ACC levies or Kiwisaver.

If for any reason it shouldn't work out, we offer a replacement guarantee.

It doesn’t end there

Our consultants Rosie and Linsey keep in touch through the duration of assignment to ensure a successful placement.  We also undertake on-site workstation assessment for temps on long term roles.

With the right support and access to top talent, hiring temporary staff is simple. Find out more about Intepeople’s Temp services here, or contact us now.

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Better people make a better world
Better people make a better world
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