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Our Wellbeing Journey with Best of Today

Best of Today | Workplace Wellbeing Programme NZ

Wellbeing in the workplace is a hot topic. On the back of the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 a lot of effort has been put into safety improvement in the workplace and more recently, attention is turning to mental health improvement in the workplace.

It’s no secret that the state of New Zealander’s wellbeing is fairly poor.

  • Just 25% of New Zealanders report having a high level of mental wellbeing
  • Stress is up by 22.9% across NZ businesses
  • It is predicted that by 2020, stress-related illnesses such as depression and cardio-vascular disease will be the leading causes of disease burden globally


So, when our Executive Coach, Anna Gibbons, presented us with her unique idea for a workplace wellbeing programme – we couldn’t have been more excited.

Having started her career as a teacher, and then making the shift into Executive Coaching, Anna is highly experienced in supporting people to thrive and fulfil their potential.

Both her professional experience working with individuals and delivering wellbeing workshops, and her personal journey, have given Anna insights into what people need to flourish – and sparked the idea to create her own, unique wellbeing programme.

I think having experienced deep loss in my life has helped me acutely understand the importance of the things the programme seeks to highlight; connection, values and purpose, rest, mindfulness, kindness and togetherness.

Anna is the brains behind Best of Today – an 8-week, offline wellness programme for teams, to help make the workplace a happier place. We couldn’t be prouder to see how it has transformed from an idea into reality. It has been a privilege to support and partner with Anna to bring the programme to market.

And, of course – we were thrilled, along with the team at Pic’s Peanut Butter, to be one of the first organisations to try it with our team!

Best of Today | Workplace Wellbeing Programme NZ

How does Best of Today work?

Anna’s philosophy is that our brains weren’t designed for technology. Of course, there are many benefits to technology – but improved wellbeing is generally not one of them.

Best of Today offers a unique “offline” approach to workplace wellbeing. Over a period of eight weeks, each participant receives a box of physical resources every fortnight. There are four boxes during the programme, each focussing on a specific “energy tank” (Spiritual, Mental and Emotional, Social, Physical). Each box contains activities and gifts, relating to that theme and designed to strengthen positive neural pathways.

Supported by short, weekly team meetings, the focus is on increasing and prioritising holistic wellbeing through “offline” activities that promote connection and kotahitanga (togetherness).

Best of Today encourages the gifts and activities to be used at home with family and friends. Recognising that work and home are not exclusive – that each has an impact on the other and technology has made them very much intertwined.

This is about more than just workplace wellbeing, it encompasses complete individual wellbeing.

Best of Today | Workplace Wellbeing Programme NZWorkplace Wellbeing Programme NZ

How did Best of Today improve our wellbeing?

Here’s some of the benefits our team shared from their experience as Best of Today participants.

“It has helped me to be more conscious and considered.”

“It has made me feel more connected to the team.”

“I have been more conscious of living my life in line with my values.”

“Thinking more about being in the moment (especially with family).”

“I’ve increased my water intake and purposely exercising more.”

“Taking time out to be on the computer/phone less. Making time for down-time, and relaxing the mind more.”

“Best of Today provided the tools to reflect and shift behaviour.”

Best of Today | Workplace Wellbeing Programme NZ

91% of our team would recommend Best of Today to a friend/family member

This is what they would tell them:

“Great opportunity to focus on yourself while bringing you together with your colleagues.”

“It’s a great reminder of what is important and you get tools that you can use long term and material to reference going forward. It is great to apply to work life, personal life and family life.”

“I’d let them know the positive effects it has on myself and workmates and encourage them to let their own employers know about it.”

“You have nothing to lose, only added insight about yourself to gain.”

But they would also highlight the importance of taking it seriously, and putting in the effort to see the results.

“Take the time each week to read through the material properly and make time to take it seriously a little bit everyday.”

“If you commit to the process it will give you some great tools.”

Having experienced the programme ourselves, we are thrilled to support Anna’s big dream of  improving New Zealander’s mental health and making the benefits of coaching accessible on a wider scale.

With Best of Today every Monday, what better way to start the week?

Is it time to show your team you care about their mental health and wellbeing? Bring the Best of Today to your workplace. Reach out to Anna here for more info or visit the Best of Today website.

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