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Have you asked your staff to work Easter Sunday this year?

Is your store open on Easter Sunday this year? If your business is a shop and you plan to be open on Easter Sunday, you need to be aware of the amendments to the Shop Trading Hours Act 1990, that were introduced in 2017. If you require your staff to work on Easter Sunday, you are...
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Intepeople Partners Internationally Certified in Workplace Investigations

Intepeople HR Partners Melisa Kappely and Marianne Wilkinson completed an intensive training programme in the USA with the Association of Workplace Investigators (AWI) late last year. With this achievement they join a small number of New Zealand HR Professionals and Lawyers as...
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How Recruiters decide whose CV to choose?

Have you ever wondered how Recruiters decide which CV’s to take through to Interview stage? Is it as simple as and Yes, No and MAYBE? No – it’s not – before they review every CV they gather a set of selection criteria that may make the decision at the Yes, No, maybe stage...
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