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Lucy Maclean

Talent Partner

Lucy has worked in HR and Recruitment consulting roles since 1997.  During this time Lucy has worked for iconic national and international brands and excels in the areas of recruitment, leadership coaching, learning and development, talent management, and career engagement.


  • Bachelor of Commerce (Tourism)
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Career Development
  • Certificate in Adult Education
  • Qualified user of OPRA, Assess and Talent Management products and services


Lucy is passionate about working with businesses to ensure they have the right people on board who are fully engaged, managed and maximised.  Lucy loves working as a consultant and drawing on many years’ experience working across a wide range of businesses to help clients maximise the contribution of people within their teams.  Lucy loves learning and staying up-to-date with research and ideas in the areas of HR and career engagement.


Extensive experience in HR, Recruitment and Career Engagement has imbued Lucy with invaluable people skills. She has a knack for understanding what makes people tick and then cutting to the heart of matter. Lucy is respected for her professionalism and understanding of career issues within organisations.


Phone: 03 5794794
Mobile: 021 358 668